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Lost Armenian Cemeteries

The cemeteries are the place where we, as human beings, have shifted our memories and identity to eternity through an image. The cemeteries were the first houses of mankind, and history shows that they not only had a religious significance, but also played the most important role in forming an identity for the people and preserving the identity with the culture in memories and consciousness. On the contrary, it is possible to observe how the cemeteries were taken seriously by the perpetrators and attacked among other things to destroy or completely remove the cultures and identities.

The modernization of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the Turkish Republic saw the presence of Armenians as a threat and led to the first genocide of the 20th century. In addition to the murder of people, Armenian cemeteries were systematically confiscated and destroyed to remove the presence of Armenian society from the country. The photo project documents the current state of Armenian cemeteries that have been expropriated since the Armenian Genocide in Turkey.

The project was created in 2015 and has been exhibited in various galleries and festivals such as "Passion for Freedom Art Festival" in England, "Bialystok Interphoto Festival" in Poland and "Kaunas Photo Festival" in Lithuania.