The construction sector has always been instrumentalized by those in power in Turkey to convince society with a concrete result associated with modernity, progress and development. In 2002, after Erdogan came to power, a new urban renewal project was launched that earned him much popularity in his political history. The project, officially aimed at protecting the buildings from an earthquake (which scientific evidence shows could occur at any time), was also supported by the European Union. But the predominantly massive, luxurious and gigantomaniac buildings not only change the economic, demographic and social landscape of the country, but also serve as a billboard of power.

The ongoing project "Konstrukt" has been documenting the transformation of the Turkish countryside since 2018 and has so far been shown at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, the Künstlerhaus Bethanien and the Kunsthaus Dresden and was funded by the BKM Hamburg and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

2022 - “Konstrukt” Kunsthaus Dresden
2020 - “Konstrukt” Kunsthaus Bethanien
2020 - “Konstrukt” Kunsthalle Bonn