Confiscated Armenian Cemeteries


The cemeteries are the place where we as humans have shifted our memories and identity into eternity through an image. The cemeteries were the first houses of mankind and history shows that they not only had a religious significance, but also played the most important role in the formation of an identity for the people and the preservation of this same identity with the culture in memories and consciousness.

In my photo project "Confiscated Armenian Cemeteries" I document the cemeteries of Armenian in Istanbul that were expropriated and used for essential tools in order to create a nation-country, such as military base, fabric, public spaces, shopping malls and muslim cemeteries.

2021 - Center of Contemporary Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw
2017 - Mall Galleries, London
2017 - Bialystok Interphoto Festival
2017-  Kaunas Photo Festival